Mission Of Zionism 101

luminaries Our mission is to provide educational materials directly to students who wish to learn about Zionism.

Courses on Zionism and Jewish history are only available in a few places, mostly big cities with well- established colleges.

Those who turn to books will also be disappointed as most recent books on the topic are written from an anti-Zionist perspective, sharply criticizing the movement while ignoring its positive contributions. Zionism 101 aims to address these problems by allowing people, regardless of where they live, to gain access to information and learning tools about the most important development in modern Jewish history.

Zionism 101 offers a fair appraisal of the movement. We don’t confer sainthood on Zionist leaders or romanticize major historical events. We seek simply to tell the story.

Zionism 101 offers over 45 original short films on Zionist history, covering its earliest beginnings to the creation of the state of Israel.

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